Vabatarkvaraline keeletehnoloogia

Allikas: Keeleleek

"All software that is developed by CLARIN ERIC is Open Source and released under the GPL v3 license." [1]

OpeNER (Open Polarity Enhanced Name Entity Recognition) the main goal is to provide a set of ready to use tools to perform some natural language processing tasks, free and easy to adapt for SMEs to integrate them in their workflow. More precisely, OpeNER aims to be able to detect and disambiguate entity mentions and perform sentiment analysis and opinion detection on the texts, to be able for example, to extract the sentiment and the opinion of customers about certain resource (e.g. hotels and accommodations) in Web reviews. Litsents: "avatud" (ootab vastust). Mujalt leitud "royalty free Open Source Technology and resources"[1]

PLAMK finite-state morphological description of Estonian. Litsents: enamasti LGPL ja EKI litsents.

HFST The Helsinki Finite-State Transducer software is intended for the implementation of morphological analysers and other tools which are based on weighted and unweighted finite-state transducer technology. Litsents: LGPLv3.

Tools for Finnish language learners built upon the products of the HFST, OmorFi and FinnWordNet projects.

Open Source Morphologies (OMor) The Helsinki Open Source Morphology Project for various languages aims at implementing full-fledged morphological analysers for a number of languages using the Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology (HFST). Litsents: LGPLv3.

LIMA (Libre Multilingual Analyser) LIMA provides all the processing steps necessary to a complete linguistic analysis (morphology, syntax, semantic, named entities, coreferences). It is a highly configurable software with a modular architecture, providing both very good performance for the quality of the analysis and an efficient fast processing. Moreover, it has been designed from the very beginning to be able to be integrated into industrial quality level software. Litsents: Affero GPLv3.

General Architecture for Text Engineering GATE Litsents: AGPL ja LGPL.

OpenSMILE Kõne tunnuste leidja. Eesti keele emotsioonidetektor on valinud selle oma mootoriks. Litsents: ainult kuni versioon 1.1 on GPL litsentsiga, uuemad versioonid on kahtlase litsentsiga.


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