Tarkvaraseminar 10.06

Allikas: Keeleleek

Here is the practical information for the seminar. The first demo session will start at 14.15, if you have troubles with your computer and installing, come early and we will help. The demos will be followed by a more open discussion.

It will take place on the 4th floor seminar room in the Estonian Literary Museum, Vanemuise 42.


  • Peeter Tinits - Docear & document annotation, see also Humanities annotation notes
  • Andres Karjus - R & RMarkdown, combining data analysis and writing, see presentation
  • Oleg Sobchuk - Evernote - taking notes
  • Benson Muite - Git, Markdown, LaTeX, see presentation

Instruction for the participants.

  1. Install Docear and a compatible pdf-reader (Win: Pdf X Change Viewer preferred). Instructions
  2. Install R, RStudio, and test the knitr function to create an example page. Instructions
  3. No installation of Evernote necessary! ;)
  4. Install Git, Latex, and the pbd library in R. Necessary links here, longer instructions here